The 8th Agricultural Exhibition

    10 days of the Helinong Agricultural Exhibition held from May 27 on Helinong farm.Leaders at all levels, dealers, partners
from all over the country and some foreign customers come to join us ! This exhibition aims to build a platform for sharing 
the material and spiritual benefits of agriculture.

▲Chairman Mr Chen opening speech
    Chairman Mr Chen summed up the past and the prospect of the future of Helinong company.In order to conform to 

the trend of the times, and constantly put in innovation and development, combine quality and technology to create a 

all-win platform,establish an efficient team,to provide quality products to the market, and achieve the all-win situation 

for the staff, dealers, partners.

▲Big harvest

▲Leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony

▲Foreign customers visit

▲Chairman Mr. Chen personally introduced varieties

▲Partner snapshoot on the field