Listed ceremony held in Guangzhou

▲Unveiled the the NEEQ-listing company board 

    On 28th Sep PM,Guangdong Helinongseeds Co.,Ltd held a ceremony for become a NEEQ-listing company.Guangdong 

Provincial Agricultural Department Deputy Director Mr Huang, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

Dean Mr Lu,South China Agricultural University Vice President Mr Xian and other leaders atten the celebration activities, 

agricultural authorities and partners gathered, Chenghai District Standing Committee Mr Lin also made a trip to congratulate 

the hometown enterprises.

Helinongseeds Chairman Mr Chen

    Chairman Mr Chen review company's 21 years of development history,from 1996 start to invest heavily in technology research and training R&D expert, after 10 years of efforts and accumulation, in 2006 has formed a business model of "combination with bred & push",production developed from less to more,supplying for more than 600 tons of seeds yearly.

Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture Deputy Director Mr Huang

    Deputy Director Mr Huang affirmed the growth of Helinongseeds in these years, he pointed out that after the introduction of 

the new Law of seed industry, despite the continuous reduction in the number of seed company, but the growth rate of 

"breeding&marketing"seed company is in the upgrade,their competitive strength is also growing.In recent years, the number 

of listed companies in the NEEQ is also increasing rapidly.China has 54 of seed enterprises listed or listed in NEEQ, the total 

market value of over 100 billion yuan. Finally witness Helinongseeds become a NEEQ-Listed company, which is a major event

in Guangdong seed industry, he represents the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture to congratulate.

Dean of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Mr Lu

    The cooperation between science and enterprises is the eternal theme of the development of Helinongseed. On this point, 

Mr Lu said, HeLinonseeds is their long-term friendly strategic partner, hoping to build the platform of science, talents and 

research, according to the province's vegetable industry development technology needs, set technology research, application

and industrial development in one of the R & D system, and training the talent in practice, promote the common development

of scientific research, business and social.

Calligraphy gift "first stock of Canton vegetable seed enterprise" from Media friend Nongcaibaodian

    Helinongseeds mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of vegetable seeds, including melon,pea and leaf 

vegetable seeds. Segments include bitter gourd, pumpkin, loofah,bottle gourd,cucumber, yardlong bean,kidney bean, kale

and Shanghai Pak Choi seeds and so on. In the listing company,is the only one vegetable seed R&D enterprise with complete 

vegetable category, deserves the name of "first stock of Canton vegetable seed enterprise".